30 Lessons I Learned Before Turning 30

It’s my golden birthday (also called champagne birthday) and that means I turned thirty! Since I’ve entered my late-twenties I dreaded this change in the second digit of my age. Mostly because I felt like time was passing too quickly and I wasn’t ready to turn thirty. But instead on this birthday, I feel calmer and kind of excited for my new decade. I want to celebrate with a roundup of all the lessons (in no particular order) that I have collected in the past 30 years.

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When the Dreaded Reading Slump Comes Calling

As a child, I used to be an avid reader. I loved stories especially loved mystery and fantasy books. I was crazy about books and was always in search of a good story. However, after I completed grad school and started working full time the number of books I read every year started dwindling. Initially, I chalked it up to my big life change and told myself once I have a routine, I will start reading more. During this time, my life was getting complicated and my mental health was deteriorating. It is extremely hard to read when you are anxious all the time. However, through it all I was craving the beautiful world of books and wanted to get back to reading.

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Nothing At All

Found this poem while I used the internet to deal with the recent death of my grandmother. She had been ill and in and out of the hospital for more than a year, so the news of her death was no surprise. Her health had been constantly deteriorating and her quality of life being extremely low. So, when my mother called me with the news I was glad that it was an end to her suffering. But, now I realize that even though I am glad that she isn’t in pain anymore, it doesn’t lessen the pain of the fact that she isn’t here anymore. Reading this poem gave me much needed comfort and wanted to share it here.

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When I was in school, we read poems regularly and analyzed what the poet meant with every line, word and punctuation. But after I left school I stopped reading poems actively because other things like Netflix lured me. I have picked it up again recently because I have found that it’s a way for me to slow down and be mesmerized by how beautifully emotion can be captured with words.

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Paw filled love

Whitey and Blacky were my furry siblings. Here’s a letter I wish I could have read to them.

Dear Whitey and Blacky,

I know you can’t read this. I wish I could have read this letter to you both and you definitely would have appreciated it. Just like you appreciated a lot many things. Never really could tell if you understood everything I told you. It’s been a few years since you both left us but the void you left in my heart is hard to fill. I miss you every single day.

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